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Crosstimbers Connection Connecting People with Nature in North Texas

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   Email: contact@crosstimbersconnection.org

   USPS: P.O. Box 151882, Arlington, Texas 76015

A Texas rat snake, a large and common harmless snake found in the crosstimbers and much of the rest of Texas.

Michael Smith has been walking and wading the fields and woods of north Texas for many years, and combines a love of getting out with a strong interest in conservation. In the 1960s, he spent many volunteer hours in museums, contributing to field activities, scientific collections, and live animal programs. In 1999, he co-founded the DFW Herpetological Society and has led field trips for that group. He has given talks for herpetological societies and other nature organizations. His career is in psychology and counseling with children and families.

Clint King has over two decades of herpetological experience in the field, observing, photographing, and studying the biofauna of the state.  He assists in surveys of reptiles and amphibians with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and contributes specimens to universities. Clint has been an officer in the DFW Herpetological Society, written many articles and given numerous talks on reptiles, amphibians, as well as invertebrates. He has a particular interest in the timber rattlesnake and has pursued private field studies of this elusive snake for about 15 years.

Rob Denkhaus holds a BS degree in wildlife biology and management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  He has worked at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge since 1997, first as a Park Naturalist and then as Natural Resource Manager where he has coordinated successful programs such as prescribed burning, bison herd management, and wild pig control.  Rob is also an adjunct professor in the environmental science department at Texas Christian University and chair of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Diversity Advisory Committee.

Nicholas Martinez is a Fort Worth, Texas native. He has been a naturalist since he was a very young man. Staying inside was not an option; rain or shine, Nic was always fishing or playing in the creeks, woods, or prairies. Fish were his primary interest from the beginning; he has spent much time studying and trying to catch every kind of fish that can be caught in the U.S. and is still working on that goal. Nic has worked at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge since 2011 as a Natural Resource Technician. During that time, he has been refining his skills and knowledge on riparian and prairie systems, plants, fish, and invertebrates. Nic is currently taking college classes and plans to move on to Tarleton State University to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife, Sustainability, and Ecosystem Sciences.

Debbie Dorman has been Treasurer of the Dallas Fort Worth Herpetological Society for approximately 10 years, in part due to her love of nature, education to the public, and interest in conservation. In 2003, she traveled with a small group to the British Virgin Islands to help the critically endangered Anegada iguanas found on the island of Anegada. Debbie wants all children to have the opportunity to discover and learn the importance part that nature plays in the world, and this is why she is a part of Crosstimbers Connection.

Jo Smith started walking and wading the fields of north Texas alongside Michael Smith in the 1970's. She raises crested geckoes and has kept other lizard species.  Jo's career is in psychology and she currently works with an area psychiatrist.

Officers and Board of Directors:

Michael Smith - President

Debbie Dorman - Secretary/Treasurer

Jo Smith - Board Member

Rob Denkhaus - Board Member

Nic Martinez - Board Member

Clint King - Board Member