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Crosstimbers Connection Connecting People with Nature in North Texas

Our newsletter is published several times a year and includes news from Crosstimbers Connection as well as articles on natural history topics. Past issues have described how the food web works, animals that live in the leaf litter, and various other subjects.  Frog Calls is a free download (see below) and opens as a pdf file on your computer, tablet, or phone, with lots of color photos.

The latest issue is here:

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Previous issues:

June, 2016 - includes “A Look at the Pond Life of Southwest Nature Preserve”


Our quarterly journal includes articles about the plant and animal communities of the cross timbers and prairies of north Texas. You can download issues at no charge by clicking the images or titles of previous issues, and they will open as pdf files with color images.

PostOak-PrairieJ-Jan2015.pdf PostOak-PrairieJ-Apr2015.pdf

April, 2015, Vol. 1 #2

Contents: 1. Fort Worth Prairie Headwater & Seep Ecology; 2. Notes on the Reproductive Potential of a North Texas Urban Wild Pig Population; 3. The Public’s Role in Urban Carnivore Research; 4. Using Historic Evidence to Inform Conservation Decisions for the Texas Horned Lizard

January, 2015, Vol. 1 #1 (Inaugural Issue)

Contents: 1. No Place Like Home: The Comanche Harvester Ant in the Cross Timbers; 2. Navigating the Road to Conservation; 3. Rambling Through Woods & Prairies; 4. Seeking a More Complete Understanding of Reptile & Amphibian Overwintering; 5. What’s In Your … Ecology? (And Why!); 6. Using Native Prairie Grass in a Stormwater Channel Restoration Project

You can download our publications here, or you may wish to read them through Issuu, the online e-publication service. Using Issuu is free and if you create a free profile with them you can also download our publications as pdf files. To find Frog Calls and the Post Oak & Prairie Journal on Issuu, click here: http://issuu.com/crosstimbersconnection


July, 2015, Vol. 1 #3

Contents: 1. Secrets of the Canebrakes; 2. Viability of Silphium albiflorum in Tarrant County; 3. A Trail Camera Surprise

October, 2015, Vol. 1 #4

Contents: 1. Reptilian Refugees; 2. The End of the Summer at LBJ Grasslands; 3. “Friday Gulls” and 61 Other Bird Species; 4. Oliver Nature Park; 5. A Traffic Jam With a Greater Roadrunner

PostOak-PrairieJ-Oct2015.pdf FrogCalls-Jun16.pdf