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Crosstimbers Connection Connecting People with Nature in North Texas

Crosstimbers Connection is dedicated to the memory of Steve Campbell, a talented naturalist who co-founded the DFW Herpetological Society and felt it was very important to introduce kids to reptiles, amphibians, and other wildlife.

His family tells how Steve collected frogs and snakes when he was a kid, and Steve himself used to tell funny stories about his childhood misadventures with snakes. In his early years, Steve worked at the Strecker Museum in Waco, learning about the classification and natural history of plants and animals and helping with the scientific collection. Later he worked at zoos in Victoria and Waco, educating people about the wildlife he loved. Ultimately he worked for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department as an Aquatic Education Specialist.

Steve co-founded the DFW Herpetological Society along with Michael Smith at the beginning of 2000. He wrote many articles for the society’s newsletter and participated in society field trips to places like the Big Bend. Every year at the “Snakes of Tarrant County” event at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, Steve was there along with Mark Pyle and others, talking with the public. He brought a great sense of humor to these conversations, especially if someone made a mistake when talking about wildlife. If someone mentioned “poisonous” snakes, Steve doubled over as if injured by the misused word. He then would say: “If you bite it and you die, it is poisonous; if it bites you and you die, it is venomous.”

Hardly anything made him happier than when a young person came to the herpetological society for the first time or when he could coach someone who was on his or her first field trip. He loved sharing the natural world with others, and we hope to keep that love and enthusiasm going through Crosstimbers Connection.